Tamil Unicode Converter

Cut and paste the original unicode text in the below textarea box and select the encryption type above. The translated Unicode Tamil text will be displayed in the 2nd textarea box

For Example:
வணக்கம் -> Select Encryption Type

Senthamizh (stmzh/rgb/sr-tamil) Bamini Tab Tam Ka Jeeva Chenet Lt-tm Ananku Helv Inscript Anjal Mylai Vikatan Indoweb Murasoli Indoword Thinathanthi Dinamani Thinaboomi Thatstamil Amudham TSC Annu

Unicode Output

Tamil Font Encoding Converter

I warmly welcome you to this website. The use of Tamil font is as important as the need for Tamil font starting on the computer and being used in the mobile app today.

Everyone knows that you can explain beautiful ideas with beautiful Tamil fonts. Typing such Tamil fonts directly on the computer is a difficult task.

There are different types of Tamil fonts for example like (Senthamizh (Stmzh/RGB/SR-Tamil), Bamini, Tab, Tam, Ka, Jeeva, Chenet, Lt-tm, Ananku Helv, Inscript, Anjal, Mylai, Vikatan, Indoweb, Murasoli, Indoword, Thinathanthi, Dinamani, Thinaboomi, Thatstamil, Amudham, TSC, Annu)

We cannot type all the other Tamil font except the unicode Tamil font. That is why there are various software for it. However, not all of them are supported on all devices. To fix it, I have created this website by typing in unicode, converting it and using it on all devices like windows pc, mac, tablet, mobile.

With this website you can convert fonts in a very, very easy way and use them anytime anywhere. A detailed explanation of how to use this is attached. If you have any mistakes or doubts while converting with this font converter, click on the Contact button below and post it in the bottom or top nav bar.

I hope this will be a useful website for you. Thankyou.

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